When the often unrecognized challenges that accompany high achievement are addressed, the opportunity for personal and professional growth are increased.

As a Harvard-trained psychiatrist and former athlete, Dr. Timothy Benson coaches and provides strategic support to high performers who compete in high stress environments.

Using strength-based approaches, Dr. Benson helps athletes, entertainers, and business professionals transform their success into significance.

“Working with Dr. Tim and being a part of his boot camp helped me make a transformative shift in my business. He offered valuable perspective and tools that helped me move my business forward.”

Nicole Roberts Jones, MSW Speaker, Author & Empowerment Coach Director of the Personal Development Division of Motivating the Masses (a Lisa Nichols company)

“The transition out of professional football was extremely difficult. At times I felt lost and uncertain about the future. With Dr. Benson’s help I was able to develop the skills and mindset that helped me to quickly regain my confidence and achieve a leadership position.”

Steven Brannon Former NFL Athlete Lead Therapuetic Coach, WESD Program

“Coach Benson” has had a tremendous influence in our lives and career as performing artists. He truly helped us get out of our own way and take action steps that have brought us to where we are today as Latin Grammy Nominees. His insight has helped us Succeed Against the Odds”.

Promissa Recording Artists & 2009 Latin Grammy Nominees www.promissa.com

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